Probiotics foods you should eat.

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What are “ probiotics ” foods and how are they good for the body? Why should we eat foods that contain probiotics? And what kind of food is it in?

Cottage Cheese lovers must love this! Because comet cheese, in addition to having microorganisms that are beneficial to the body (Look at the label on the package to see what types of microorganisms are included.) But it also has high levels of nutrients that are good for the body, such as calcium. Which helps nourish bones to be strong UFABET

Kimchi Korean fans must love it! Because in addition to having probiotics that are good for the body and have a sour taste It will help increase the flavor of the food more intensely. More delicious Kimchi is also famous for helping reduce the risk of cancer.

Sauerkraut (German sour cabbage) Eat as a side dish with meat dishes, sausages, ham or bake with meat. In addition to helping to reduce the greasyness of eating meat in the meal. It also helps balance the work of the digestive system. It also contains dietary fiber that helps strengthen the immune system as well.

Yoghurt The process of making yogurt is mainly based on fermentation. Therefore, the microorganisms contained in yogurt are naturally occurring microorganisms. and is present in relatively high quantities This helps our digestive system work more efficiently. In addition, Greek yogurt will contain probiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei increase good bacteria in our stomach.