Nutritional value of soy milk.

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One study tested the effectiveness of cow’s milk. flavored soy milk and calcium supplements affecting fat reduction in obese. And overweight premenopausal women. found that the consumption of low-fat milk. Such as flavored drink soy milk. It significantly reduced obesity and metabolic syndrome in the experimental subjects.

Another trial compared the effectiveness. And skimmed cow’s milk on blood lipid levels and lipid peroxidation in patients with hyperlipidemia. The results indicated that soy milk contributed to the reduction of lipid levels in the blood. And the interaction of free radicals with unsaturated fatty acids in the cell wall. Which is good for patients with hyperlipidemia UFABET

As for the experiment to determine the efficacy of reducing body cholesterol levels with soy-based beverages, it was conducted in French subjects with high blood cholesterol levels in the intermediate-risk group. Consuming soy-based beverages containing plant sterol significantly reduced bad cholesterol levels (non-HDL and LDL). May help control and reduce lipid levels in mild-to-moderate high-cholesterol patients.

Bone maintenance.

A trial on the benefit of isoflavone-containing on quality of life and bone resorption in postmenopausal Hispanic women. Soy milk consumption was found to increase vitamin D intake. And helps reduce the process of bone resorption. In addition, the consumption of soy isoflavones. It may improve the quality of life of the subjects. And can help increase bone density as well