Benefits of milk for all ages.

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Milk has good fats that increase energy. High protein builds blood cells and bones. High calcium reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of colon cancer. It has a positive effect on the brain. Strengthen the development of EQ and IQ


Benefits of milk Starting when the baby is breastfed. Because mother’s milk is the most beneficial food since everyone was born. In which infants must be exclusively breastfed for 6 consecutive months or in some families until 2 years of age, along with supplementary food according to their age. which all neonatal pediatricians give importance to breastfeeding And already recommending 100% breastfeeding. UFABET The nutrients in breast milk will be the best immunity for the child. Mother’s milk also helps to enhance the development of EQ, IQ, intellectual intelligence. Helps to grow properly And another advantage is that it helps increase bone density, so children should drink milk to help their bodies grow fully.


When the child grows up, they can drink 100% pure cow’s milk, preferably plain milk. In the same amount of 100 ml, it was found that fresh contains 135 ml of calcium, 3.3 grams of protein, 71 milligrams of vitamin A and 0.22 milligrams of vitamin E. While other flavored It will decrease in value accordingly. And the advantage of drinking fresh is that it can help reduce the behavior of sweet taste. It also reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and reduces the incidence of tooth decay. It’s been known for a long time that milk helps make you taller. Therefore, you should prepare well. About drinking Along with eating nutritious food for all 5 food groups, including creating exercise discipline for children Girls start growing at age 6 and boys start growing at age 8.


For adults If you have a problem with high blood fat It may not be recommended to drink 100% real cow’s milk. You should drink skim . As for pregnant women and breastfeeding women You can drink milk normally. The calcium helps nourish the mother’s bones and build bones in the fetus.

Old age

for the elderly will help repair the wear and tear of the body. It is very beneficial in adulthood when the body’s production rate of hormones that play a role in rejuvenating the body decreases. The elderly should drink 1 glass per day.