Spurs 1-4 Chelsea: Points from the Premier League game, a fun and entertaining match

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Spurs 1-4 Chelsea: Points from the Premier League game, a fun and entertaining match.

• 2 red cards for Spurs caused Anke Postecoglou’s team to lose for the first time •
1 Nicholas Jackson’s hat-trick gave Chelsea a beautiful 4-1 win
• and Total injury time was 21 minutes, not including half time. This allows football fans to get up and shower and go straight to work after the game is over. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

The line-up is predictable.

It’s already clear from Anke Postecoglou ‘s first 11. For Spurs that Gujelmo Vicario is the number one goalkeeper. And Mickey van der Ven and Christian Romero are the centre-back pairing of choice. First, James Maddison is the creator of the game and Son Heung-min wears the captain’s armband. Support in front of the target

But what is a small surprise is that Brennan Johnson. The young Welsh star worth 47.5 million pounds, has already started ahead of Richarlison .

Mauricio Pochettino ‘s Chelsea starting 11 side does not have many surprises. And almost all of them are the starting team from the day. They regained form to defeat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 in the Carabao Cup.

The only slight change was that young centre-back Levi Colville was used at left-back again. Although there are options with both Marc Kukureya and Jan Maatsen on the bench. Mainly hoping for toughness in the defensive game.

As for the offensive line, there is no choice. But to continue using Nicholas Jackson in front of goal when Armando Broya is injure again as usual and there is only an 18-year-old kid like David Washington as a backup option.

1-0 came early and narrowly made it 2-0.

Only 5 minutes This was when the football fans had not yet entered the stadium or all of us were still awake to watch the game without our full eyes. Still not fully conscious, Spurs quickly took a 1-0 lead, Dejan Kulusevki shot into the back of Levi Colville, changing the entrance to the goal.

Not only that, in the 13th minute, Brennan Johnson cut from the left to allow Son Heung-Min to charge into the net with precision. But luck belonged to Chelsea, whose powerful spear was just offside.

1-0 that came quickly and almost went up 2-0 as well, causing old images to immediately come back.

Such as the picture where West Ham shot ahead from the first 7 minutes (Nayev Agard) and then lost comfortably 1-3.

Or being led 1-0 by Brentford midway through the second half. And in the end they lost easily 0-2.