Petit believes players unhappy with Pochettino tactics

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Petit believes Chelsea players are unhappy with Pochettino tactics.

Mauricio Pochettino still hasn’t been able to lead Chelsea back to the path to success. After taking charge of the team last summer, with Emmanuel Petit believing it’s because of Kick still doesn’t accept the coach’s tactics. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Emmanuel Petit, former Chelsea midfielder, believes. That the main reason why Mauricio Pochettino is still not performing well with the Blues in the Premier League this season is because It comes from the fact that some players are not happy with his tactics.

Blue Lions team Who just lost the last game are scheduled to enter the field to meet Tottenham Hotspur on Monday night. Where Petit spoke about the reason why their performance is not as good as it is. Should say

“The confidence that Ánge Postecoglou instills in his players is amazing. Especially in the midfield You can see that they are close friends and have fun playing football together. That’s what’s important.”

“It is impossible to make every player happy. But you have to do it. Pochettino is trying to do that with his team. But I’m not sure how many players have smiles on their faces.”

“Chelsea are struggling really hard. And the manager struggles too trying to convey his vision on the pitch.”

“Compared to Tottenham, you can see the support from the manager and players. they are happy which is very important for me,” Petit said.