Kompany urges Burnley speed up form they don’t want relegate.

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Kompany urges Burnley to speed up form if they don’t want to be relegated.

 Burnley won the Championship and were promoted to the Premier League this season.

• They lost 9 of their first 11 games in the Premier League this season.

Vincent Kompany, Burnley manager Clearly state. That the team must improve their playing form as quickly as possible. If you still want to play in the Premier League next season.

“The Clarets” are still having a difficult time returning to play in the Premier League, as they remain at the bottom of the table. with the same score as the last ranked team But it is the team that has scored the fewest goals in the league, scoring only 8 goals from 11 games, including conceding goals in every game.

“In fact, what we’re facing right now is that we’ve lost too much. Although in the last game we played well. Can create opportunities And it looks like a team that can play in the Premier League. I’m sure that if we continue to play like the last game (losing to Crystal Palace 0-2), we will definitely be rewarded. But we have to improve as quickly as possible. and are ready to face what is coming in order to turn the crisis into a good opportunity for us.”

Burnley Haven’t won in their home stadium in every competition this season. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet