Jurgen Klopp believes of winning the Premier League final are possible. 

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes his chances of winning the Premier League final are possible. But it shouldn’t happen because Manchester City have the upper hand.

Klopp has led Liverpool to keep their Premier League title race hopes alive until the last game after the win. Southampton 2-1 leaves the “Reds” behind “The Blues” by one point before entering the close of the season.

Conditions for the final game on Sunday, May 22: Liverpool must beat Wolves and keep Man City away from Aston Villa. 

Asked about his chances of winning the title in the final, Klopp replied: “Of course that is unlikely as City play at home against Aston Villa, who also play on Thursday. It will be a difficult game against Burnley who fights to survive.”

“But this is football. I think when City won the title (in 2019) it was because 11mm (Man City won 2-1 in the game where John Stones cleared the ball on the 11mm left line. It was crossed into goal. already) if anyone wants us to be a champion. We need to win first and let Aston Villa score points with City, it’s possible but difficult, that’s enough. 

“I have no idea if the whole country is supporting us,” added Klopp. “It is not the feeling I get when we go to other places and play there. It is actually the opposite, but maybe he knows more about that than me.” He told UFABET.