Typhus Dangers that campers must careful

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Typhus Dangers that campers must careful

During this time the weather is starting to get cold. Tourists want to set up tents and feel the coolness. Therefore, we began to organize trips to sleep on the mountain and camp in order to change the atmosphere and experience โปรโมชั่น ufabet pure feelings. See the beautiful sea of ​​mist in the mountain forest. Therefore, there is a risk bitten by the soft mites that live in the forest. This can lead to infection and typhus.

Typhus or Scrub typhus is cause by the bite soft mite. The young mites like to live in grasslands, groves and low shrubs. Will bite people or animals to eat lymph as food. It climbs on the tops of grass and jumps on clothes and bites skin. Most of which will bitten without realizing it.

Situation of typhus in 2021, from 1 Jan. – 27 Oct. 2021, 2,506 patients were found, 1 person died, with the northern region. The region that found the highest number of patients. There are 1,246 cases, so if you have to travel and camp and sleep in the forest. You should prepare the necessary items to prevent the bite of soft mites. and should study methods of prevention Know the early symptoms of the disease so that you can receive treatment in time.

Typhus is
Typhus or scrub typhus is cause by infection with bacteria in the Rickettsia family. Fleas, mites, ticks, and lice are the vectors. When bitten, they are infecte with the bacteria that causes typhus. Scratching the bitten area will cause the skin to open. This causes more bacteria to enter the bloodstream and the bacteria will continue to reproduce and grow.

Types of typhus

Types that carried by lice
– That are carrie by rat fleas
– Types that carried by mites


If bitten by an infected mite, for about 10-12 days there will be a headache and fever. Chills, cough, red eyes, nausea and vomiting Body aches, fatigue, and the bitten area will have a small red rash that will gradually bulge or get bigger. The wound is similar to a cigarette butt, not painful or itchy. In some cases, it can heal on its own.


– Hepatitis
– Pneumonia

– Myocarditis
– Meningitisand encephalitis
– A condition in which blood clots spread throughout the body
– Failure of organs in the body.

Prevention of

Typhus. There will be no vaccine yet. Thus preventing the risk of infection. To avoid touching or being bitten by soft mites There are ways to prevent this:
1. You should avoid areas with plants and areas covered with shrubs or small trees. Because it’s where soft mites like to live.
2. Use insect repellent containing 20-30% DEEF or a substance certified for use against soft mites. And keep applying every 4-6 hours, both the type used on the skin and clothing.
3. Wear clothing completely. Have your child wear clothing that completely covers the skin of the arms and legs. or cover a baby stroller Bed with mosquito net
4. If you must use sun protection cream or lotion. You should use sunscreen before applying insect repellent
5. Every time you shower or change clothes. You should examine your body if you have a rash. Are there any wounds or insects on your body?
6. After returning from hiking. You should take a shower to clean your body, wash your hair, and wash your clothes thoroughly with concentrated detergent. Because soft mites may attach to the body or clothing.