5 risky behaviors “High blood pressure”

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5 risky behaviors “High blood pressure

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a condition in which the pressure in the arteries changes higher than normal levels. The effects cause damage to the arteries. If you have high for a long period of time May lead to hardening of the arteries. clogged arteries This is a risk factor for complications such as heart attack, paralysis and dementia.

High is a silent disease that often does not show obvious symptoms. As a result, many people are not aware. If in everyday life there are risky behaviors that cause high blood pressure. It may be the cause of various diseases.

Therefore, to reduce ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app the risk of high blood pressure. Admin would like to bring good information about 5 risky behaviors. “High blood pressure” is here as a way to prevent it for everyone.

Risk behaviors

1. Being overweight, obese,
eating foods that are high in cholesterol such as cakes, bakery products, fatty meats, cheese, prepared foods. When eating this type of food in large quantities for a long time May result in hyperlipidemia

2. Habit of eating salty foods.
When the body receives salt or food that is very salty There will be more water absorbed back into the bloodstream. If the body receives too much salt It will contribute to higher and asthma.

3. Not exercising.
Without exercise it can lead to obesity and diabetes. If faced with these two diseases, it can cause high as well.

4. Too much stress.
Stress contributes to a spike. If you know that you have chronic stress You should learn to let go and go out to relax so your body can relax.

5. Smoking.
If you smoke a lot. The more nicotine enters the body, it stimulates the body to produce hormones that affect high blood pressure. cause inflammation Constriction of various blood vessels occurs. and also affects the heart’s blood vessels

1. Headache, dizziness
2. Nausea,vomiting

3. Fainting
4. Tired easily
5. Insomnia Complications of

high blood pressure
1. Enlarged heart, easily tired
2. Coronary artery stenosis and blockage 3. A
stroke or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.
4. Kidney function will deteriorate faster than normal people. It is the cause of chronic kidney failure.

Change your behavior to avoid

1. Reduce your intake of salty foods.
2. Eat fruits and vegetables
3. Get enough rest
4. Exercise regularly.
5. Stop smoking. and alcoholic beverages.
6. Control your weight appropriately
7. Check your health regularly
8. Don’t be stressed or anxious.